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Ox. 1 thin vein. 2 vein fat. Scoter 3. Griffe 4. Jumeau 5. Charolais 6. 7Cottage before. 8 Chest. Tendron 9. 10 Flat-to-coast. Hampe 11. 12 Tab.13 Flank steak. 14 Flank pot-au-feu. 15 Planchet. 16 Rump tail. 17 Rear Cottage. 18 Knuckle. 19 Cottage nuts. Round of 20 bracket. 21 Topside.22 Round heel. 23 Tail. rump 24 . 25 Net. 26 sirloin (or fillet-cons). 27Ribs. 28 Côtes. chuck 29. 30 Bass Coast.

Calf. 1 necklace or collar. Shoulder 2. Foreshank 3. 4 Chest. Tendron 5. 6 Top-to-coast. Planchet 7. 8 shank. 9 Knuckle. 10 Sub-nuts. 11 nuts. 12Quasi-culotte . 13 loin and fillet. 14 Côtes first. 15 Côtes covered. 16Ribs.

Pig. 1 Backbone. Pallet 2. 3 nuts hash. Foreshank 4. 5 Short ribs. Chest6. 7 shank. Ham 8. 9 points net. 10 filet mignon. 11 Rack of ribs first. 12Square coasts seconds. 13 Grill. 14 Travers. 15 Lard (Back fat).   

Mouton. 1 necklace or collar. Shoulder 2. 3 Chest. Top 4-of-chops.Gigot shortcut 5. 6 Coast leg. Saddle 7. 8 Chops net. 9 chops first. Chops10 seconds. 11 Chops discoveries.

Characteristics of meat. [Photo: cooking stove, P, R roast, stew Ra, grilled G. Cost: high C1, C2 reasonable, economic C3. Quality: very tender T1, T2 rather soft, tender T3.]

Ox flank G, R, T3, C1. Chuck G, T3, C2. Flank steak G, T3, C1, pot-au-feu Ra, T1, C2. Charolais Ra, T1, C2. Cote G, R, T2, C1.Entrecôte G, R, T3, C1. Sirloin G, R, T3, C1. Fillet G, R, T3, C1. Flank Ra, T1, C3. Lodging-house behind Ra, T1, C3, before Ra, T1, C3; the nuts Ra, G, T1, C2. Claw Ra, T1, C2. Hampe G, T2, C2. Twin G, T1-2, C1-2. Scoter Ra, G, R, T2, C2. Tab G, T3, C2. Chuck R, Ra, T2, C2. Short ribs Ra, T1, C3. Chest Ra, T1, C3. Queue Ra, T1, C3. Rond de gîte G, T2, C2.; Slice G, T2, C2. Rump G, R, T3, C1. Topside G, T2, C2. Tendron Ra, T1, C2. Knuckle Ra, G, T1, C2. Vein fat Ra, T1, C3; lean Ra, T1, C3.

Veal: Ra necklace, T1, C3. Ribs R, Ra, T2, C2; first P, T2-3, C1, P seconds, T3 C1. Shoulder Ra, R, T, T2, C2. Flank Ra, T1, C3. Top rib Ra, T1, C2. Front and back hocks Ra, T2, C2. Loin and fillet R, P, T3, C1. Nuts R, P, T3, C1; pastry R, P, T3, C1. Chest Ra, T2, C2.Quasi-breeches R, T2, C2. Sub-nuts R, T, T2, C2. Tendron Ra, T1, C3.

Mouton: Ra necklace, T1, C2. Chops discoveries G, T2, C2 net G, P, T3, C1, the first G, P, T3, C1, seconds G, P, T3, C2. Shoulder R, T2, C2 (R net when chops, 1st or 2nd, not separate). Gigot G, R, T3, C1. Top-of-Ra chops, T1, C3. Chest Ra, G, T1, C3. Selle G, R, T3, C1.

Pork ribs square G, R, T3, C1. Backbone Ra, G, R, T3, C2. Shoulder Ra, G, R, T2, C2. Fillet G, R, T3, C1. Grill G, T3, C1. Ham R, T2, C1. Hocks (ham) Ra, R, T2, C2. Lard Ra, T1, C3. Palette R, Ra, T2, C1. Short ribs Ra, T1, C3. Chest Ra, T1, C3. Through G, R, T2, C3.

Quantity per person. Cervelle 1 of 4 beef, veal 1 for 2, sheep 1 to 1. Heart 200g veal, lamb 3 to 2. Beef Liver 110 g, 110 g veal, lamb 110 g. Language beef 200g, without horn 150 g, 150 g veal, mutton 1. Veal Sweetbreads (gross weight) 200 g lamb (net weight) 150 g 150 g Beef Kidney, 150 g veal, lamb kidneys 2, 1 pig kidney. Calf Head 150g . Tripe a la mode de Caen 250 g.

Beef processing. Yield (%) Meat: 56 to 75 bones: 13 to 18, fat: 5 to 22 waste: 4 to 7 pieces quick cooking: 52 to 56, slow cooking: 44 to 48. The animals are estimated on the carcass yield calculated on the weight of the cold carcass (young cattle: 54 to 58%, cattle 52 to 57, heifers 50 to 56 cows: 49 to 52). Animal bright farmgate 680 kg before slaughter 650 kg (loss during transportation and waiting 4.4%). 371 kg hot carcass, cold 364 kg [after losses in sweating (fluid loss) 2%]; before cutting 360 kg (losses during maturation 1.1%). net Beef(boneless and trimmed) 245 kg including the quick-cooking cuts (steaks and roasts) 132 kg slow (pot-au-feu and Burgundy) 113 kg.

5th district (in kg). Issues: Leather (30 to 45); tallow slaughter (5 to 18), kidney fat (5 to 12); glands, bladder ... blood (12 to 15 liters); horn, hooves, offal white hair ...: intestines (guts) (8-10); muzzle (2) 4 feet (11-12), breast (females). Red offal: liver (6-8) ; heart (2-3), lung (4), brain, spleen (0.7) language (4 with cornet); cheeks (4-5 boneless) kidney (0,7), lung (4).

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