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Slimming products.   Intended to act on phenomena cellulite: fat accumulation, degeneration of connective tissue, circulatory impairment. In the form of creams or gels:caffeine (easily absorbed through the skin, allows the splitting of fat accumulation in adipocytes), theophylline (similar action), carnitine (facilitates degradation and metabolism of fats), enzymes (mucopolysaccharidases, alter the structure of connective tissue). In substances of plant origin carrying local slimming action and vascular protection: seaweed rich in iodine (kelp extract ); ivy extract (decongestant action and filters out tissue), extracts of Gingko biloba and Butcher (promote circulation); triglycerides of fatty acids derived from vegetable oils (stimulate blood circulation in the area of massage ). substances called "restructuring": extracts from Centella asiatica, silicon derivatives, and vitamin E. Many creams contain liposomes or microparticles which are diffusing through the skin, releasing active ingredients on their application sites.

Drugs' appetite suppressant. "Amphetamines".   appetite suppressants: inefficient, they are addictive and are banned from sale since 2-9-1999. March 2000: European Commission banned appetite suppressant based amfepramone, clobenzorex, fenproporex, norpseudoephedrine or phentermine serious side effects. Decision annulled by order of the European Tribunal of 1st instance for formal reasons.

Isomeride.   On 22-12-2000, the Tribunal de Grande Instance of Nanterre ordered the Servier Laboratory, distributor in France of Isomeride (appetite suppressants withdrawn from the market) to $ 2.5 million francs in damages to Anna Paulos (39 years) suffering since 1994 from a pulmonary arterial hypertension (+1.3 million francs for Social Security).

Lymphatic drainage.   To accelerate the flow of lymph and eliminate toxins. Massage.

Thalassotherapy and spa treatments.  Involve massage and dietetics.

Mesotherapy.  Microinjection of substances capable of acting on the sites of fatty deposits (caffeine, theophylline, mucopolysaccharidases ...) and on the microcirculation. Allergies possible

Cosmetic surgery.  Liposuction and lipectomy.

Scales.   Measuring rate or fat mass: using the principle of impedance [knowing the total weight, size, sex, age of the user, diffuses through the body a small electrical current and measure the resistance of adipose tissue ( tissues are not drivers, he deduces the fat)]. The pacemakers should abstain.

Overconsumption.  Iron: may cause aging of cells and help to develop cardiovascular disease. Vitamin C: May cause kidney problems; B can have adverse effects on the heart; D: can become toxic to the liver. In case of excess trace elements (zinc, copper, lead ...) accumulate and can cause poisoning. Milk fortified with vitamin D can be dangerous for a person who has a tendency to kidney stones; A (already present in eggs and fish) can have adverse effects on vision and cause malformations in the fetus.The intestine can not absorb too many nutrients at once. A course of zinc to improve immunity may cause a fall in iron in the blood. But iron plays a major role against infections.

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