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AFSSA - French Agency for Food Safety

Official Website of the AFSSA. Missions, press releases, list of laboratories. Consultation view files: animal, dioxins, aching transmissible spongiform encephalopathies, Listeria, nutrition and school meal (for download).

Courrier International - What to eat?

Record Courier International: selection of articles on organic food, mad cow disease, dioxin, prions, Listeria, nitrates, GMOs.

Division of Animal Production and Health

Website FAO (World Food). Global information on livestock, aid, decision making, livestock / fight against poverty, animal genetic resources, public health veterinarian. EMPRES: system for emergency prevention of pests and transboundary diseases of animals and plants ( locust, Animal Health)

Food Information

Site EUFIC (European Council of Information on Food). Information on food safety and tips for a healthy and balanced diet. Records: nutrition, obesity, food additives ...

OIE - Office International des Epizooties

World Organization for Animal Health. News Flash. Health conditions (animal health information, rinderpest, foot-spongiform encephalopathy). Handistatus, Biotech (database on animal health in the world, Veterinary Biotechnology). Diseases, classifications, data sheets, lab. Standards (Animal Health Code, Water Code, vaccines). Directory of sites of national animal health.

Oralim - Risk Monitoring and Food

Website of the Center for Risk and Food National Veterinary School of Alfort. Guidance for caterers: new school meals, food safety, control food safety.

Dating Citizen Food

Site FNSEA Food: Signs of quality farm products, rational agriculture / biological labeling, traceability, food-borne infections, BSE, hormones / antibiotics, GMOs. Consumers: precautionary principle, the National Council of Consumer Affairs. Information on fertilizers / pesticides, food processing, distribution, Codex Alimentarius, trade. Showing events. History of some plant foods / animal.


AFSSA - Commission Listeria

Commission website 'Listeria' of the French Agency for Food Safety. Presentation of the Ethics Committee, position on the eligible threshold, information on Listeria, Listeriosis, site selection, preventing those at risk. Final Report for consultation.

GMO-Genetically Modified Organisms


Site Search Committee and Independent Information on Genetic Engineering: expert committee of voluntary and independent producers of GMOs. Summaries (elements to better reflect the GMO issue).

GMO Record

Site devoted to GMO CETIOM (Interprofessional Technical Center Oléagineux Metropolitian). Definition of GMOs, technical transfer, plant breeding, evaluation on rape. Debates, glossary. Regulations, facts / figures: review from 1986: Biodiversity, patents, economics / land ... / GM / OGMSite / index.html


Website of the association of citizens before the GMO. Presentation assignments, newsletters, literature, official reports for download on GMOs. Forum, the Internet directory on GMOs.

List products with or without GMOs - Greenpeace

Website of Greenpeace France. List of products with or without GM food, feed, information on GMOs. / information.shtml

GMOs - a key to the future

Professional website on seed and crop protection, promotion of GMOs. Download White Paper, texts, regulations, benefits GM filing issues.


Website of the Interministerial Committee on GMOs. Q & A on the GMO debate news, regulations, reports (precautionary principle, biotechnology, transgenic plants). / ogm

Mad Cow

Information Center Meat

Website of the association of professionals in the meat industry. Introducing livestock France (breeds, feeding, identification numbers), consumer safety (BSE, health checks, traceability, labeling), beef promotion, history. News BSE (screening tests, 3rd transmission channel).

www.centre Info

British BSE inquiry

Site Investigation British BSE. Glossary, history of BSE (1732-1990, 1991-1998). FAQs, facts, documents, testimony, scheduling hearings, press releases, official statements. Consultation report published October 26, 2000.

INRA - Mad Cow

File 'mad cow' Courier environment INRA - Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique. Latest information / documents, press review. Animated map of BSE. Search on subject, glossary. Focus on prion diseases, BSE, MBM, economic benefits. History of the crisis: timeline, stastitiques BSE, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Meuglothèque ...

I eat beef

Website for the dramatization of psychosis around the 'mad cow'. Registration Census of eating beef (anonymous and registered), numbers, site selection revenue information.

Mad Cow

Website of the British Medical Foundation on 'mad cow'. 6966 articles on 'mad cow' disease Creutzfedt-Jakob disease, prions, BSE. Links, sick minds, we pray in 3 D.

National network for disease surveillance of Creutzfeldt-Jakob

Official website of the Institute of Sleep Health: national network for disease surveillance of Creutzfeldt-Jakob and related diseases. Number of cases, the network organization.

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